Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to render services to the deprived children by facilitating their fight against illness, illiteracy & poverty. Basic education, health-care, livelihood avenues should be available to all, irrespective of religion, gender, caste. We like to establish free boarding schools for underprivileged & street children, where the meritorious students can continue to for higher studies, mediocre students can take vocational training after their formal education & those are not meant for the above, they shall learn to be a good human being. We also want to establish charitable health center in the rural area for needy people.

Shiv Gayan-e Jeeb Seba

Baranagar Swapnaloke (for humanity … with humanity), a nonprofit earning, apolitical & secular, social welfare, non-governmental organization.
(Regd. no. S/1L/61842 of 2009-2010
It started in the year 2009, when some like-minded people came together with a dream to serve the humanity. Irrespective of caste, creed, profession, they had one common inspiration behind them… That was Sri Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada, Swami Vivekananda & their ideal of service to mankind.

It all started in 2009

Swapnaloke started its journey, with a medical camp with free medicine distribution to 150 underprivileged people of South 24 Parganas on 25/01/2009. Then after (from April 2009) started working with a community of street dwellers in North Kolkata, through a road side center of non-formal school for street children under Maa Sarada Pother Alo Prakalpa (Street Children Project) (till date we have worked for more than 300 street children).

From August 2009 we have started Underprivileged Women Education Project (started with 2 & increases to 15 student).

Then we have established educational support & free coaching with computer training to the underprivileged school going (slum & village) children from (started with 4 & increases to 200 students; having 2 centers at Baranagar & Penchara village of Purulia District) under Iswarchandra Vidyasagar Educational Help Project.

We are conducting periodical medical camp with free medicine distribution to both – acute and chronic patients under Swami Vivekananda Seba Prakalpa in remote villages.

In different areas Swapnaloke done regular Health-Hygiene Awareness Project, through home & school visit & community meetings.

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June 5, 2020 was a very proud moment for us. We don’t work just for appreciation, however it gives us strength and energy when actually we get appreciated by organization like AIIPPHS.

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Our children participate in all kinds of programs. You will get a very good idea what they do throughout the whole year.

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