Baranagar Swapnaloke
Our Vision :
To see the underprivileged wake up and live a healthy, purposeful, and active life, a life they can command themselves……free of the shackles of poverty, ill health & illiteracy.


Baranagar Swapnaloke
Our Mission :
Our mission is to render services to the deprived by facilitating their fight against illness, illiteracy & poverty. Basic education, health-care, livelihood avenues should be available to all, irrespective of religion, gender, caste.
We want t establish free boarding schools for underprivileged & street children, where the meritorious students can stay up to higher studies, mediocre students can took vocational training after their formal education & those are not meant for the above, they shall learn to be a good human being. We also want to establish charitable health center in the rural area for needy people.